(of the mind)

Solo Show
November 6 - December 12, 2015
CLB Berlin
im Aufbau Haus am Moritzplatz

A solo show by Stefano Cagol at CLB Collaboratorium Berlini is the culmination of the year-long project "The Body of Energy (of the mind)".

It takes place at CLB Berlin / Collaboratorium, a brand new venue for contemporary art research at Aufbauhaus in Moritzplatz, Berlin-Kreuzberg.

The exhibition is supported by the VISIT Programme of the Innogy Stiftung (formerly known as RWE Stiftung).

During the show, Stefano Cagol is artist in residence at Momentum Berlin in November-December, 2015.

The exhibition received the Frieze pick.

Stefano Cagol @ Aufbauhaus 'THE BODY OF ENERGY (of the mind)’ Frieze Magazine

Una foto pubblicata da frieze (@frieze_magazine) in data:


- "(R)evolution in Berlin: Stefano Cagol's "Body of Energy", The Huffington Post [Eng]

- NYR Magazin, Parentheses #7 [PDF]


Press review:

During the exhibition, the artist realizes also a performance at Babette.