(of the mind)

Hosted by Dolomiti Contemporanee, on November 9, 2014 "The Body of Energy" moves from Borca di Cadore to Nuovo Spazio di Casso, permanent exhibition space of this initiative.

The Nuovo Spazio is the venue of DC in Casso in the former school of a village in the Italian Alps witnessing the event known as the tragedy of the Vajont Dam. An enormous wave of water, caused by a landslide falling from the Toc mountain into an artificial lake, totally destroyed the villages around.
The Vajont dam is still there.

On the way, TBOE passes by the biomass power plant of Ospitale di Cadore where mountains of wood result warm... vital. 


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Above the Toc mountain and below the mountains of wood material of the biomass power plant.


By the Nuovo Spazio di Casso TBOE interacts with the sound performance of Sandra Hauser in the frame of the event  "1, 2 (b + c)".

One of the constant elements of Cagol's artistic
research is light. In 2013, the artist carried out his first European tour
with The End of the Border (of the Mind). A project which was, already,
based on traveling and public sharing (public art) of an energetic
prompt towards openness, as it is for TBOE right now. As then, so today,
Stefano has included DC Dolomiti Contemporanee in his path and
motion (we could say that art is nothing more than this: paths of energy,
motion, light). Today, heat has joined light in his work. And this heat is
"broadcast" through colour. Thus, TBOE is a path, which gathers the heat
(metaphor for the value) of the places and the people whom he meets,
re-broadcasting their image in vital heat. This way, the great DC sites
of Borca di Cadore and Casso have both become part of the gallery
of circumfused spaces, their strenghts and energies have been reaped
and channeled together with the others. All together, they give life to
a critical mass, as powerful as a concept: and the concept is, again, the
same: art is an energy which lays on things, revealing their heat, that is to
say, opening their meaning.

Gianluca D'Incà Levis, curator, Dolomiti Contemporanee
director, Nuovo Spazio di Casso