(of the mind)

Museo MA*GA in Gallarate hosts the project "The Body of Energy".
TBOE becomes a one week workshop, 17-22 November, and a project room on view from November 22 to December 31, 2014
During the workshop, Stefano Cagol involved 30 students of the ITE Enrico Tosi di Busto Arsizio in a continous experimentation of energy, impressing their energy on the trees, giving back energy to nature, expressing through "calore" (heat), creating energy shapes in the main square of the town.
The students, together with the artist, created a blog, a gallery of images on Flikr, a video documenting the collective actions on a Youtube channel.

The project has been selected for Vivaio Scuole as one of the most interesting art educational projects in Italy and presented at EXPO 2015 in Milan at Italian Pavilion.
At Expo on June 16, 2015, the first lady Agnese Renzi attends the presentation of "The Body of Energy".

Scroll down to read the statement by Alessandro Castiglioni, Francesca Chiara, Lorena Giuranna, Educational Department of MA*GA Museum.

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A video interview realized by MA*GA   The video of the backstage shot and mounted by the students




Stefano Cagol's work at the MA*GA Museum is part of a
wider programme, which involves the ongoing creation of projects that
stem from an active dialogue between artists and audience and have the
dual objective of incentivising new forms of production and broadening
the opportunities for dialogue between artists and an audience that is not
specialised in contemporary art.
This provided the backdrop to the genesis for 'The Body of Energy
(of the mind)' project at MA*GA: it was a busy week of work with thirty
students from ITE 'Tosi' school in Busto Arsizio, Varese. During this
workshop visualising energy became a way to discover and reconsider the
landscapes, elements and shapes from our everyday lives with fresh eyes
and touch on the specific subject of using the visual arts for educational
purposes: that of training the vision (rather than our actual eyesight) to
give new meaning to and a new insight into our everyday lives.
As part of this busy period Stefano Cagol produced a video, which will
join the other MA*GA collections thereby enabling it to open up a further
and completely historical and artistic dialogue. Visit to Pompei (1991) by
Studio Azzurro is also kept at the museum; this was one of the very first
experiments into using an infrared camera, which in the case of 'Visit to
Pompei' was used to talk about history and memories, another body of
energy (of the mind).

Alessandro Castiglioni Francesca Chiara Lorena Giuranna
Educational Department, MA*GA Museum